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Pointless Math Stuff (or not) For Online Bingo Bonus Sites

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Jim Green Does Some Math Stuff About Buying More Than One Bingo Bonus Card.
Buying just one card in any game you play gives you the best theoretical return on your money.

This was a surprise when I first discovered the maths too.

Basically, buying one ticket when there are 99 other tickets gives you a 1/100 chance of winning. Your Expected Value (prize*probability of winning)-entry fee is 1-1=0

Buying two tickets when there are 99 other tickets gives you a 2/101 chance of winning 101. Your Expected Value is 101*(2/101) - 2 = -0.01

Try the math yourself if you don`t believe me. Basically, every extra ticket you buy adds more to the prize pool than you expect to win by having an extra ticket.

That said, the amounts involved are very small, so I`m basically just showing that I was paying attention to my middle school maths teacher.

If you`re looking for the absolute theoretical best value then the best strategy is to just play one card in every game.

But really, it`s more fun to play more cards and win more bingos.

On top of this, if the hall offers any sort of bonus or prize for winning lots of games or winning certain games, then it becomes a better idea to buy more cards.

Buying more cards is also is more likely to get you VIP status which gets you access to special promotions that usually more than counter-act the tiny theoretical edge you are giving up by playing extra cards.

On top of all of this, the real point of bingo is to have fun, right? So the best way of buying bingo cards is one that ensures you will be able to play an enjoyable number of cards (for me it is usually 9) in each of the games for as long as you want your session to be.


PS - the math works the same for the lottery, BUT, if the prize pool rolls over a few times, it may well be worth buying as many tickets as you can afford (because they still have a slightly positive expectation).

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